"I may be an oaklander, but I would cross the bridge any day to get a chance on Tod's table.  And I recommend the same for my clients in my chiropractic office.  Tod's skill, compassion, and deep understanding of the intricacies of the body is insurmountable.  He truly takes bodywork to the next level with deep awareness of the fascial, muscular, and ethereal planes.  He is a true gift to the community."  

 Dr. Kenda Burke, Chiropractor, Awaken Chiropractic


"I am a massage therapist at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur and am surrounded by incredibly gifted co-workers.  I've had a perhaps egocentric belief that the body work offered at Esalen is the best in the world.  Then I received a massage from Tod Overstreet.  I don't think I can find words to describe the amazing, transcendental experience of it.  It was as if each of Tod's hands had their own tiny brain, locating and attending to all of my knotted muscles.  Never before have I felt so relaxed and open and totally pain free from a session.  He's a true gem in the healing world."

 Chloe Spellman


Tod is the man to go to period.

I am seeing Tod bi-monthly in effort to correct postural complications from self-protective armoring from an injury accident involving both of my lungs collapsing.

Tod is anatomy knowledgeable and has not only given me a clear vision regarding self-care when I am not on his massage table, but while I am on his table Tod is completely and intuitively present. Plus, I can tell by his pace and deliberate intention that he is completely focused on me and my goals. 

Because many muscle groups are involved in postural correction, Tod addresses his massage wholistically. During my sessions I feel nurtured and completely taken care of. Afterward, my consciousness of my postural progresss is elevated. Tod is a great therapist to work with. read his profile description - he is clearly upfront about his work. Call Tod and experience what great energy you can create together. Tod is a bodyworkers body worker.

David- Massage Therapist


Yesterday I received a great massage from Tod. I was having difficulty to take deep breaths and had movement restriction in my pelvic area and back. Tod was direct in addressing pain, the strokes felt wonderful and I woke this morning feeling energized, at peace with no pain. I Recommend his work with complete confidence in his ability do cure and relieve.

Adrian- Massage Therapist


The depth of his presence, connection, intuition, therapeutic skill and attention was unparalleled by any masseur I have ever experienced. I look forward to the next session and have referred others.

D. Clifford Hill


I have been going to Tod for therapeutic massage for a few sessions. He is personable and communicates well. His massage setting is comfortable and simple, with a pleasant ambiance and soothing background music. His touch and technique are exactly what I need for recovery. My healing process is speeding up considerably thanks to him.



Wow... Wow... Wow....

I had my first massage with Tod last night it it was beyond amazing.

First, the appointment was super easy to make and Tod responded to my text really fast. 

His space was comfortable and professional and he checked in with me often to ensure my comfort throughout the massage. 

I told Tod about an accident I had and my bum shoulders as a result. Tod's technique, experience and years of knowledge were exceptional and I can not say enough! He knew exactly what I needed. Tod's is truly a treasure and his massage is not to be missed!



Tod ROCKS--That is all you need to know!

-Heather H.